How To Get Your Act Straight For Jobs

People of Pakistan constantly blame the scarce employment opportunities for being jobless but is this the only cause of unemployment? Jobs Bank strongly agree with the thinking of the people and completely understands the job situation but apart from this many people are at fault too. We cannot completely put the blame on the lesser job opportunities in the country because of many people, without any resources, able to get jobs in reputable companies of their choice.

What we believe is that many people, instead of improving their skills, blame the organization and the system for their unemployment. Yes, we do agree that the hiring system of Pakistan is not reliable but people need to understand that if they have the skills and talent, and are serious about their jobs, nothing can stop them from getting a job in the field of their interest. Here are some common mistakes that people make when applying for jobs;

Improper Resume

Resumes are what gives the employer an idea about your educational qualification, skills and the experience. A proper, clear resume can have an excellent impact on the one hiring as he or she can clearly analyze your skills, work history and qualifications. In an unclear resume, where the person hiring has to find the skills, qualifications and history is not considered. An organized, proper resume is what makes a person consider you in the first place.


You get an interview call, what should be your approach? Normally, people who get the interview call begin to decide as to what should they wear to make a lasting impression on the employer, but should this be the priority? Yes, we believe that a person going for an interview has to be well-dressed to look presentable but this is not the only thing you need to prepare. You must first sit and do a little research on the company that called you for the interview. Knowing about the company is important so that you can answer the interviewer keeping in mind what the company is about. So, before you go for an interview, make sure you do some research work first.


Qualifications are important, but skills play an essential role too. Not only will your educational qualification help you get a job but your skills will serve the basis of your hiring. Make sure you mention all your skills on your resume. Skills are important to keep working on them because, in the end, the skills will be used in the job.

These are some mistakes that we make and blame the government of Pakistan for our unemployment. But people should think about it from a different perspective and see what they are doing wrong.

Post Author: Yousaf