Talent Management

We know that in an organization, the Human Resources – HR department is responsible for hiring the working force. The strategies for hiring are designed by the Human Resources department and they are the ones which decide the amount of salary that has to be paid to an employee. Talent Management is another hiring strategy that many people confuse it with human resources management.

The talent management and the human resources management are both hiring strategies but they are completely different strategies. Here are the major differences between HR and talent management;

  1. Unlike the hiring process in HR management, the talent management makes the whole organization responsible for the activities of hiring, training and employee retainment.
  2. The HR management deals with the pay, vacation, complaints, in short, the HR is an administrative-focused strategy while the talent management is focused on improving the top talent in an organization.
  3. HR deals with the day to day management of people while the talent management is a strategic, company-wide, long-term plan and is focused on the business goals.

Talent management is a hiring process that must be given a shot. Here are some of the reasons why talent management must be opted for when hiring employees.

1. The motivation of the Employees

According to a study, employees need more than money to be motivated. Talent management creates multiple ways an employee can feel motivated.

2. Top Talent

With a strategic talent management process, an organization can recruit the most talented and skilful employees. An employer brand can be created using this strategy to attract the top talent of the town.

3. Smooth Operation of the Organization

This strategy allows a continuous flow of employees in an organization. There will always be a skilled person available to fill in the critical roles of an organization through talent management.

4. Cost Saving Strategy

Through Talent management, the top talented and skilled employees stay in the organization for a longer period which helps an organization cut down on the costs of hiring and operation.

These are the reasons why talent management must be preferred over the HR management. For the best job opportunities, you can visit http://www.jobsbank.pk/.

Post Author: Yousaf